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Google Rankings Drop To Third Position For Shipments Of Smart Speakers

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Amazon and Google are usually seen as the front-runners in the smart speaker race, with each company providing highly capable voice assistants on their gadgets. However, China’s Baidu has reportedly made a giant splash bypassing Google to take the quantity two spots.

Baidu solely serves the Chinese market; however, grew 4,500 % to ship 4.5 million smart speaker/display devices in Q2 2019, according to a tracking agency. By comparison, the agency was estimated to have shipped just 100,000 units in Q2 2018.

In the meantime, Google shipped 5.4 million devices in Q2 2018; however, only 4.3 million units in Q2 2019. This equates to a decline of 19.8 % in comparison with a year ago. Baidu and Google function in mutually exclusive markets, so it’s not as if Baidu is stealing regional market-share from Google and vice-versa, though.

Amazon was at number one for the quarter, achieving year-on-year growth of over 60 %. The company shipped 4.1 million items in Q2 2018 and 6.6 million items a year later. Alibaba and Xiaomi were pegged on the number four and five spots for the quarter, with each attaining progress of just about 40 % in comparison to a year ago.

The robust efficiency of Chinese players is solely down to China experiencing a smart speaker growth of sorts. The tracking firm stated China doubled its quarterly shipments to 12.6 million models and was over twice as large because of U.S. smart speaker market (6.1 million models).

The U.S. market declined by over two percent, with Amazon and Google turning to markets outside the U.S. to develop sales.

Google’s transition to the Nest branding whereas pivoting to sensible shows proved to be a problem, mainly because it has begun rolling out its Nest Hub smart display globally, as noted. Google urgently requires a revamped non-display smart speaker portfolio to rekindle consumer interest in addition to reliable advertising and marketing strategy to construct its Nest branding outdoors of the U.S.

It seems like Google is undoubtedly engaged in a revamped smart speaker; with that, a Home Mini follow-up is in the works. It’s believed the brand new smart speaker will supply a 3.5mm port (to plug in headphones, a microphone or speakers), higher sound quality, a mount potentially a proximity sensor.