Samsung’s In-Vehicle Version Of Dex To Be Used In Cop Cars, Will Be Tested In Chicago

Samsung’s In-Vehicle Version Of Dex To Be Used In Cop Cars, Will Be Tested In Chicago

Samsung just created an in-vehicle version of its DeX platform in hopes that it might substitute the computers cops and first responders have to carry around. Now, the Chicago Police Department has introduced that it is taking the system for a spin to see if it could be an efficient companion for law enforcement officers. CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson said practically half of all of the officers in the city have already got department-issued Samsung cellphones. When the pilot launches, they’re going to have the ability to access police apps on their automobile’s dash-mounted display just by docking their phones.

The pilot test will first roll out to officers from CPD’s 11th district this year. In keeping with Samsung’s announcement, the DeX system will permit them to perform duties like accessing computer-aided dispatch and different CPD systems to conduct background checks from their vehicles. Additionally, they’re going to be capable of immediately attaching any photograph or video evidence they take with their telephones to their reports.

The outdated computer systems had to stay in the vehicles, CPD Bureau of Technical Services chief Jonathan Lewin explained. With this answer, it creates an ecosystem that takes all of the technology and makes it accessible to officers on the road in real-time and at considerably less price than they’re paying now.

Samsung says authorities might additionally use DeX docks in police stations, permitting officers to choose, where they left off on their cellphone or their cars as quickly as they get back. It is not clear if CPD is also contemplating using DeX in their headquarters, although — which may rely upon how the pilot testing goes.