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Study Shows That Cardiovascular Disease Is Related To A Person’s Fat Storage, Not Weight

Study Shows That Cardiovascular Disease Is Related To A Person’s Fat Storage, Not Weight

Existing studies have suggested that a person’s body mass index (BMI), calculated in reference to their total weight and height, is associated with the chance of experiencing cardiovascular occasions.

Thus, the upper a person’s BMI, the higher their danger of experiencing a stroke, heart disease, and related occasions and conditions.

Nonetheless, new research, from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in New York, NY, and different institutions, factors to another potential factor, specifically, the place fat is stored within the body — for women over the age of 50, at least.

The brand new research — the findings of which seem in European Heart Journal — has looked at information from 161,808 women aged 50–79 to find out whether or not BMI or fats distribution was associated with cardiovascular risk.

All of the participants had enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative between 1993 and 1998. Follow-up info on the participants’ health was out there from that period to the end of February 2017.

None of those women had heart problems at baseline. All through the research interval, nonetheless, the researchers recorded 291 new cases of cardiovascular disease.

Within the research, the investigators measured body fats mass by way of dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, a kind of scan that assesses a person’s fats, muscle, and bone density.

The group discovered a sample. Women with the highest proportion of fat saved around their middles and trunks and the lowest proportion of fats round their legs, giving them an “apple” body shape, additionally had the highest risk of cardiovascular disease.

These ladies had more than thrice the chance of cardiovascular disease of peers with a low proportion of fats round their middles and a better share of fats around the legs: the “pear” shape.

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