Quantum Computers to Have Germanium Transistors for Ultra -Fast Calculations

Transistors based on germanium can carry out calculations for future quantum computer systems. This discovery by the group of Menno Veldhorst is reported in Nature.

The event of quantum computing appears to be going very quickly. The building blocks for such a computer system are so-called quantum bits. Over the past 20 years, researchers around the globe have studied new and existing programs to function as quantum bits, including transistors.

These tiny switches are current in billions on the chips of our computer systems, telephones, and televisions.

“World’s first transistor from 1947 was made of germanium. The entire semiconductor revolution, and thus our cellphones and all other electronics, might have been based on germanium as a substitute of silicon,” says principal researcher Menno Veldhorst.

Research teams all over the world are creating germanium as a material for quantum bits. “QuTech is the leading group in this field. We have been quick to develop germanium quantum expertise and are optimistic about the potentialities for further upscaling.

Also, we already know how we can collaborate with companions from business, with the great benefit that our strategies fit in well with the prevailing expertise that offered the basis for our current information age,” concludes Veldhorst.

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