Researchers Say Heavy Drinking Can Damage Heart Sooner or Later

Binge drinking and heavy alcohol consumption may instantly damage the heart muscle, new research suggests.

In a study of data from nearly 3,000 adults from northwest Russia, researchers discovered that heavy drinking and bingeing were related to increased levels of blood biomarkers that show damage to heart tissue, in line with the report in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

The new examine shows that “heavy drinking results in the injury of the structure and function of the guts,” stated study chief Olena Iakunchykova, a Ph.D. candidate at the University in Tromso. “Though you may not see signs immediately, it will increase the risk of heart problems sooner or later.”

Two possible essential mechanisms might explain how heavy drinking is likely to be damaging the heart, Iakunchykova stated in an email.

To take a closer take a look at the impact of heavy drinking, Iakunchykova and colleagues selected 2,479 adults from northwest Russia as well as 278 patients being treated in a clinic for alcohol harm.

The researchers grouped the 2,479 community-dwelling volunteers aged 35 to 69 into four classes related to alcohol consumption levels: harmful drinkers, hazardous drinkers, non-problem drinkers, and nondrinkers. They decided categories based on volunteers’ self-reported drinking habits.

Volunteers fell into the class of harmful or heavy drinking if they reported conduct such as: having six more drinks on one occasion, feeling hungover or drunk, needing a first drink in the morning, having experienced adverse consequences in their personal lives due to drinking.

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